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Spine Care in Manhattan

Why is the spine important?

Your spine is a vital part of your body, housing hundreds of nerves and helping the body to perform each and every movement. When the spine is injured, it can cause serious repercussions, including nerve damage, degenerative diseases, and paralysis. Less severe spine problems can include soreness in the back, disc herniation, or sciatica, which lead to chronic back pain. This is often the result of poor technique when participating in sports or due to a traumatic sports injury. In many cases of spinal damage or back pain, a spine doctor is needed to help recover and alleviate discomfort. Performance Health in NYC & Pearl River is home to many expert spine specialists. Learn more about spine care below, or schedule an appointment with our board-certified spine doctors today.

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When should I see a spine specialist?

How do I care for my spine properly?
The biggest causes for poor spinal health are bad posture and excessive activities that put pressure on the spine. Some rules for avoiding spinal problems include the following:

Use good posture
Use proper stances, especially during sports
Use good form during high-impact sports
Always lift using the legs, not the back
Use proper technique when moving, especially during sports
Avoid intense exercises that put unneeded stress on the spine
How do I know if I have good spinal health?
A large indicator of your spinal health is how you feel day-to-day. If you have pain, tingling, or a lowered range of motion in the spinal area, it is important to consult with a certified physician. At Performance Health, we offer comprehensive evaluations to determine your overall health as well as spinal health. This includes functional movement screening (FMS), an advanced test that can determine whether you are using proper form and function during movements.

Caring for your spine doesn’t end at home. Spine health doctors can assist you in caring for your spine when you are suffering from a spinal injury or to help you maintain your spinal health. Some of the spinal care treatments and services offered at Performance Health include:

Stretch therapy
Physical therapy
Acupuncture / biopuncture
Massage therapy